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Students who are looking for research experience are encouraged to review this document of the labs within the Department of Psychology. Note that this list is not comprehensive. Some faculty members do not have a website for their lab. In that case, information on all faculty members in the Department of Psychology can be found at the end of this document. We also strongly encourage you to browse our Faculty Research Interests.


Psychology Research Labs by Area

Brain, Behaviour and Cognitive Sciences

Psychophysical methods, neural mechanisms, stereoscopic depth perception
Principal Investigator: Laurie Wilcox

Animal behaviour, comparative cognition, learning and memory
Principal Investigator: Suzanne MacDonald

Psychophysics, computational and neural modelling, visual perception, computer vision.
Principal Investigator: James Elder

Cognitive and neural processes, object recognition, visuomotor control
Principal Investigator: Erez Freud

Prefrontal cortex, rational decision making, cognitive and affective precessing, real world problem solving
Principal Investigator: Vinod Goel

Motion processing, attentional mechanisms, sensory information processing, motor movement, systems neuroscience
Principal Investigator: Joseph De Souza

Mid-level visual processing, visual psychophysics, visual scene representation
Principal Investigator: Peter J. Kohler

Multisensory integration, eye and head tracking, psychophysics, virtual reality.
Principal Investigator: Laurence Harris

Visual perception, psychophysics, computational and mathematical modelling, signal detection theory
Principal Investigator: Richard Murray

Cognitive neuroscience, attention, memory
Principal Investigator: Susan Murtha

Pychology, perception, psychophysics, vision, visual direction and stability
Principal Investigator: Hiroshi Ono

Scene and face processing, psychophysics, neuroimaging
Principal Investigator: Jennifer Steeves

Systems, cognitive, and computational neuroscience; visual-motor transformations,
3-D perception
Principal Investigator: Doug Crawford

Electrical synapses in vision and neuronal plasticity, genes to function
Principal Investigator: Georg Zoidl


Clinical Psychology, depression, psychotherapy, memory, emotion, language
Principal Investigator: Lynne Angus

Alcohol use, cannabis use, addiction, impulsivity, health psychology
Principal Investigator: Jeffrey Wardell

boredom, self control, emotion, environment, and attention, clinical psychology
Principal Investigator: John Eastwood

Anxiety, engagement and disengagement, motivation and CBT, relational predictors, psychotherapy
Principal Investigator: Henny Westra

Neurocognition, mental illness and addiction, psychosis, vulnerable and marginalized persons
Principal Investigator: Kristina Gicas

Neurorehabilitation interventions, normal aging and neurological populations, higher cognitive control, neuroimaging
Principal Investigator: Gary Turner

Addictive behaviour risk, depression and anxiety, young adults
Principal Investigator: Matthew Keough

CBT, shyness and emotion, functional outcomes and 'recovery' for schizophrenia
Principal Investigator: Joel Goldberg

Pain memories, phantom limb, infants, gender, trauma, psychological, emotional, and biomedical factors involved in acute and chronic pain
Principal Investigator: Joel Katz

Memory processing, young individuals, normal aging, and mild cognitive impairment
Principal Investigator: Jill B. Rich

Eating and its disorders, anxiety, perfectionism, possible selves, body image and social influences
Principal Investigator: Jennifer Mills

Depression, personality styles, dependency and self-criticism, interpersonal behaviours, resilience
Principal Investigator: Myriam Mongrain

Experiential psychotherapy, depression, nonverbal emotion, emotion regulation, interruption of emotional experience, and emotion typology
Principal Investigator: Alberta Pos

Cancer and critical illness, intimate relationship adaptation, supports development of psychotherapeutic and psychoeducational interventions
Principal Investigator: Karen Fergus

Hippocampus, memory organization, fMRI, theory of mind, post neurological insult and healthy
Principal Investigator: Shayna Rosenbaum

Borderline personality disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, dialectical behaviour therapy, intervention with relationships
Principal Investigator: Skye Fitzpatrick


Autism spectrum disorders, developmental disabilities, attention and intersensory processing, audiovisual integration, fMRI, linguistics, interventions
Principal Investigator: James M. Bebko

Autism spectrum disorders, developmental disability, families/health and social service systems.
Principal Investigator: Jonathan Weiss

Cognitive, behavioural, and emotional functioning, children with diabetes and epilepsy, fetal alcohol spectrum, congenital hypothyroidism
Principal Investigator: Mary Desrocher

Cognitive-behavioural interventions for children, attachment and parenting practices, diverse cultural contexts, prevention and interventions
Principal Investigator: Yvonne Bohr

Mild traumatic brain, sport-related concussion, risk and recovery, long-term consequences, neuroimaging
Principal Investigator: Magdalena Wojtowicz

Painful situations, child and parents interactions, negative affect regulation, academic performance
Principal Investigator: Rebecca Pillai Riddell

Autism and developmental disabilities, assessment/diagnosis, intervention, family impact, stress, coping
Principal Investigator: Adrienne Perry

Clinical child psychology, family stress and resilience, family-based intervention

Principal Investigator: Heather Prime

depression in adolescents, risk reduction, cognitive vulnerability, Aboriginal youth
Principal Investigator: Jennine Rawana

Children's environmental health, neurodegenerative disease, cognitive rehabilitation.
Principal Investigator: Christine Till

Children and adolescents, attention and learning, cognitive and affective processes, reasoning
Principal Investigator: Maggie Toplak

Treatment of psychological trauma, child and adult attachments, interventions, social support
Principal Investigator: Robert T. Muller

Developmental Science

Infant neuroscience, attention and memory, object recognition, visual search, visual expectation
Principal Investigator: Scott Adler

Cognitive neuroscience, fMRI, neurocognitive development and aging, conceptual processing
Principal Investigator: Dale Stevens

Cognitive flexibility, educational outcomes, spacing effect, socio-economic status scale, task switching
Principal Investigator: Melody Wiseheart

Mental-attentional capacity, executive functions, individual-differences, cognitive development, language processing, Theory of Constructive Operators
Principal Investigator: Juan Pascual-Leone, Janice Johnson

  1. Lifespan Cognition and Development Lab

Cognitive development, literacy, monolingual and bilingual children, cognitive aging
Principal Investigator: Ellen Bialystok

Developmental cognitive neuroscience, learning and memory, time and space memory, naturalistic settings
Principal Investigator: Thanujeni Pathman

Historical, Theoretical, and Critical Studies of Psychology

Feminist epistemology and historiography, history of women in psychology, science and culture
Principal Investigator: Alexandra Rutherford

Community-based, social integration, social conflict, social inclusion, health and well-being
Principal Investigator: Michaela Hynie

History of psychology, digital research techniques
Principal Investigator: Christopher Green, Michael Pettit

German philosophical psychology, postcolonial psychology, race and racism, ontology, epistemology, ethics
Principal Investigator: Thomas Teo

Quantitative Methods

Latent variable modeling, item response theory, measurement invariance, computational statistics
Principal Investigator: Robert P. Chalmers

Statistical graphics, multivariate statistical methods
Principal Investigator: Michael Friendly

Longitudinal data analysis, substance use and abuse, risk and resilience, personality assessment
Principal Investigator: David Flora

Technical development, quantitative methods, Bayesian statistics, analysis of functional data analysis, structural equation modeling
Principal Investigator: Ji Yeh Choi

Robust ANOVA methods, multiplicity control, equivalence testing, measurement of change
Principal Investigator: Robert Cribbie

Social and Personality

Information processing, interpersonal communication, social cognition, psychopathology, reasoning
Principal Investigator: Doug McCann

Bicultural identity, cultural conflict, individual’s social identityEastern tradition, Western tradition
Principal Investigator: Richard Lalonde

Perfectionism, psychosocial functioning, health problems
Principal Investigator: Gordon L. Flett

Psychosocial factors and rehabilitation, coping, The Proactive Coping Inventory
Principal Investigator: Esther Greenglass

Gender/racial stereotypes, intergroup relations and social development, social cognitive perspective
Principal Investigator: Jennifer Steele

Social hierarchy, overconfidence, competition
Principal Investigator: Joey Cheng

Empathy, social understanding, imagination, neural processes
Principal Investigator: Raymond A. Mar

Social psychology and law, decision-making processes, racial bias, legal strategies
Principal Investigator: Regina Schuller

Romantic relationships, sexuality, relationship satisfaction, motivation, perception, behaviour
Principal Investigator: Amy Muise

Social cognition, social and organizational psychology, social motivation, post-transgression responses, interpersonal relationships
Principal Investigator: Ward Struthers

Affiliated Labs

Sensory information, perception, cognition and communication
Principal Investigator: Nikolaus Troje

Cognitive-Motor integration, eye-hand coordination, behaviour, neurophysiology
Principal Investigator: Lauren Sergio

Auditory biophysics, otoacoustic emission, phonetics
Principal Investigator: Christopher Bergevin

Sensorimotor, coordination, representations, learning
Principal Investigator: Denise Henriques

Stereoscopic depth perception, virtual reality, augmented-reality, depth cues, eye movements
Principal Investigator: Robert Allison

Teaching Stream Faculty

Barranti, Maxwell (Social and Personality)

Conder, Julie

Fortune, Kathleen

Herbert, Monique

Mapp, Allistair (Brain, Behaviour, and Cognitive Sciences; Quantitative Methods)

Martin, Jodi (Quantitative Methods)

Sutherland, Jessica (Developmental Science)

Personal Webpages

  • Brain, Behaviour, and Cognitive Sciences

Park, Norman


Heinrichs, Walter

Reid, David

  • Clinical-Developmental

Pepler, Debra

Wintre, Maxine

  • Developmental Science
  • Historical, Theoretical, and Critical Studies of Psychology

Sheese, Ron

  • Quantitative Methods
  • Social and Personality

Ross, Erin

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